The Fairest Island

The Fairest Island is in fact called Grönsö, located in Gryt archipelago, the province of Östergötland. It contains a piece of unique Swedish countryside; a meadow still listening to the sea with beautiful flowers in fairy tale splendour. The Gräslund family have managed their meadow for generations and in the story we follow Pelle, the family elder man, in his quest to turn over the meadow care to his children and grandchildren. He is a well-known character in this archipelago. Grönsö is the island he inherited from his parents and grandparents. Pelle recognizes the responsibility to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm to his own children and grandchildren.

For many years, Pelle has put the greatest of care into cultivating this amazing island with his life companion Margareta. Their legacy is to manage the unique hay meadow that shimmers with its flowers. But there is a concern. Pelle sees a huge difference in animal and plant life today, compared to his own childhood. Marine experts today categorize the Baltic Sea as the world's most polluted sea with a partially dead seabed and poisonous algae in bloom every summer.

Pelle's and Margareta’s greatest desire is that their children and grandchildren will continue to take care of Grönsö and the meadow in a traditional way, and that the "Archipelago Association - Skärvårdsföreningen", can continue to manage the cultural heritage and nature conservation.

Pelle is getting on, but he is still eager to get things done in the archipelago: stop depopulation, preserve the fauna, nurturing the fish stocks. In short: save archipelago for the future, but safely anchored in time-tested tradition and knowledge. Will he be able to keep up with all his good intentions? The Fairest Island introduces the viewer to a natural, unique Swedish part of nature, which very few people will ever see with their own eyes.

Director: Peter Gerdehag

Screenplay: Tell Aulin, Malcolm Dixelius

Dir. of Photography: Peter Gerdehag

Editor: Tell Aulin

Composer of original soundtrack: Per-Henrik Mäenpää

Producer: Lasse Rengfelt, Malcolm Dixelius, Tell Aulin

Production: Deep Sea Productions

CoProduction: Deep Sea Productions and Sveriges Television AB in co-operation with Gerdehag Photography AB and Tellemontage AB with support from Världsnaturfonden WWF

Length: 57 min

Premiere: Swedish Television in 2009


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